What is oak telecom?

The oak telecom is a company located in the region of the United Kingdom and is running successfully since the past 29 years. The objective with which this company was built was to provide the best and leading telecom and CCTV London solutions to all the business enterprises in the UK and since 1985 it has succeeded in doing so. At the present moment, 20,000 of its solutions are used by the enterprises in the UK alone and with its Oak Systems International; it is doing quite well in the world outside the United Kingdom.

What do they offer?

In its initial stages, it offered its client the world’s best Call Management Solution. With the passage of time they made advancements in their system and managed to introduce Call logging, call reporting, Wallboards and CTI system in the market. Management of communication can be tough but the expert team of this company has simplified it to a degree that every client is now a fan of Oak telecom.

Award winners:

They won an award at the Comms Business Awards 2013 in the category of ‘On premises Software Application’. The solution responsible for the nomination and winning the award is the Patient Connect pioneering Contact Management solution.